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How it works

PressPlay is an exclusive club that’s helping to shape the future of TV and filmmaking.

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You are the audience

Film and TV is made for audiences to enjoy and so we believe that audiences should have a hand in its creation.

PressPlay is where you, the audience, tell entertainment creators what you think of what they’re creating. After all, they are creating it for you.

Entertainment is nothing without an audience.

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We want to know what you think

We know that it is possible for deep audience understanding to make differences that really matter in the creative process.

We’re film producers, we’re marketing people, we’re scientists – we’re Dragonfly: providing 360 understanding to the film and TV production industry.

Take a look at if you’d like to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a fully-fledged member of PressPlay?

To join PressPlay, simply complete the short survey found here and follow the instructions to set-up your account . You will be asked to provide some basic information when creating your account. After signing up, a confirmation email will be sent to you in order to finalise your registration. You must click the link in this email to confirm your registration to PressPlay. Once your registration is complete, and you have completed your “mandatory” surveys, you can start participating in screenings and get rewards.

How much information will you need from me?

Honestly? We’re going to need quite a bit. But for all the right reasons. We need to know what you think of what we show you and we need for your opinions so we can produce insightful conclusions. If content’s being made for 'people like you’, then it’s important we know what ‘you’ means. When you add detail to your profile, you will be rewarded with points that you will be able to exchange for all sorts of rewards.

Do you share the data I give you with anyone else?

No, we don’t. All the data we collect (about you and what you thought of the content you saw) is aggregated and anonymised. The studios will be told which demographic groups said what, but they won’t know who. We won’t share your data with anyone.

How often will I get to see films and TV shows?

It all depends on what content the creators ask us to show you, and also what demographic groups they are interested in. That said, we wouldn’t expect you to be asked more than six or seven times a year. Of course, you don’t have to accept every invitation to take part that you receive.

How do the rewards work and are they worth it?

The rewards we offer are generous. You’ll earn points when you build your profile, when you view content and when you answer extra questions.

Can I share the content you send me?

No, you can’t. We know it’d be nice to get people together and watch a film before anyone else sees it. But there are several reasons why you can’t. The studios are very protective of their content, especially when it’s in pre-release. Also, we need your honest opinion, just yours. You will be asked to sign up to our anti-piracy Ts&Cs – please take them seriously, it matters that you do.

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